Tomographic microscope

Tomographic microscope

Nanolive is a Swiss company which proposes an innovative medical imaging product. With a view of revolutionizing cell investigation, Nanolive introduces a disruptive tomographic microscope. Since the discovery of the cell as the smallest unit of life, scientists have tried to push the limits of cell observation. This was not an easy task, as scientists had to deal with two major problems: besides having a microscopic size, a cell is transparent, which does not facilitate its observation. The only way to solve these problems consists of increasing microscope capacity to obtain the necessary resolution. In addition, chemical products or gene modification must be used to overcome the problem of transparency. Nanolive solves these two obstacles with the 3D Cell Explorer, its tomographic microscope.

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3D Cell Explorer tomographic microscope

The 3D Cell Explorer is a tomographic microscope systems. It operates by using diffracted field measurements of a sample, when the latter is illuminated sequentially from several angles. This technique allows resolutions beyond the diffraction limit, which are completely appropriate to characterize particular nanocomponents, such as cell’s organelles. Tomographic microscopy is an advanced medical imaging technique which combines recording multiple holograms with the use of complex algoritm, in order to collect quantitative information on a cell. In a nutshell, the tomographic microscope register one hundred holograms of the sample by rotating around the sample and illuminating it at 45°.

With the Cell 3D Explorer, Nanolive has developed a unique proprietary technology, allowing for the first time exploration of a living cell in 3D without damage. By experiencing of the living cell in a whole new way, the 3D Cell Explorer tomographic microscope displays a complete representation of the cell and its activity in color. The technology proposed by Nanolive represents a major milestone in the history of microscopy. Indeed, it can change all rules in the fields of education, biology, pharmacy, cosmetics, laboratories or industry. Offered at an affordable price, the 3D Cell Explorer will save researchers from the difficult task of “guessing” what happens inside a living cell. One of the first benefits of this microscope is that it requires no sample preparation. In fact, only few minutes are necessary to access the interior of cells, when several hours are needed for the other conventional microscopes.

Time saving and resolution improvement with the tomographic microscope

Furthermore, it is no longer necessary to perform the dyeing process, since cells are digitally stained by the 3D Cell Explorer software. Thanks to its innovative features, this 3D tomographic microscope allows to observe the cell morphology in nanometric detail, the cell’s behavior in the presence of a molecule or in different experimental conditions, cell-cell interactions and many other. The low power light produced by the 3D Cell Explorer helps preventing cell damaging. This innovative microscope has a laser light system comparable with environmental light which is suitable for living cell analysis. The microscope performs a continuous rotational scan around the cell, and almost instantly displays the 3D cell any computer. Thanks to its easy handling, this tomographic microscope will completely transform research in the field of medicine, industry and education.

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