STEVE, a 3D cell rendering software

STEVE : an innovative 3D cell rendering software

With the aim of contributing to the advance of medical technology and biological research, Nanolive introduces STEVE, a microscopic imaging management software. Innovative 3D cell rendering software, STEVE allows to manage all your images through a fluid and accessible interface. You can view, analyze, organize, and share your cellular imaging data anywhere you have Internet access. Thanks to STEVE, you can work with your images from a desktop application or directly on the web, to produce a cell image with 3D rendering. STEVE can support multiple formats of image files, including all major microscope formats.

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Explore digital imaging data of living cells

STEVE is a software which allows microscopy image viewing, processing, modeling, and image publishing with 3D rendering. This software includes features such as image annotation tools and 3D printing. As Nanolive’s main microscope control software, STEVE is intended for exploring digital imaging data of living cells, by using coloring interactive functions, in order to produce images with 3D rendering. The software offers easy 3D reconstruction, while accelerating image processing by the computer processor.

The use of Nanolive 3D cell rendering software is extraordinarily simple. After acquiring your microscopic images, you can browse images on your local machine or file system, select and add them to the import queue. STEVE has a module which allows downloading images in their original format, storing them securely with all their metadata, and generating thumbnails intended for file search. STEVE can support multiple imaging formats, including all major biological microscopy formats, for a 3D rendering process. For image processing, this high-performance 3D cell rendering software works on all platforms. Indeed, STEVE compatible with any operating system, to produce images with 3D rendering. This software allows you to organize your imaging data as desired, through menus and tabs easily available for image management. Thus, you can create tags to annotate microscopic images with keywords of your choice. During an image processing project with 3D rendering, you can view your images in multiple dimensions. With easy-to-use toolboxes, you can easily change image colors, or adjust 3D rendering settings.

You can also copy and paste settings between images. STEVE is a very light software, as it allows remote image visualization, without having to download the image. Inside STEVE, you can draw microscopy image areas of interest, measure their size and pixel intensities, before producing a 3D rendering and exporting data. Thanks to this 3D cell rendering software, you can export your images with metadata in their original format, and other microscopic imaging file formats. It is also possible to open images directly into Nanolive image analysis software, such as Voxel Viewer or Surface Viewer.

A powerful tool

Nanolive also introduces the surface viewer and voxel viewer tools, which let interactive 3D scientific visualization with real time rendering. This microscopy software make easy to see the important features of cells. These viewers are very powerful and easy to use, with a highly-interactive environment, helping the user to perform an accurate cell data analysis.

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