The microscopy technology

A revolutionary 3D microscopy technology

Nanolive, a company based in Lausanne, Switzerland, has developed a revolutionary 3D microscopy technology. The 3D Cell Explorer is a microscope that uses holographic imaging and tomographic technologies, allowing scientists to quickly explore cell images with 3D rendering and without chemical preparation. This new microscopy technology enables significant time savings while producing some really amazing images with nanometerical scale. With this microscopy technology developed by Nanolive, you have instant access to precise details of the cell, for best results and without falsification. The 3D Cell Explorer is the new solution for obtaining unique imaging data of a living cell.

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This microscopy technology opens new perspectives

Nanolive is composed by a staff of doctors, computer scientists, biologists or chemists. Founded in 2013, the company is in partnership with several important entities, in order to promote the study of cells with its powerful microscope. With the introduction of the 3D Cell Explorer, scientists can explore and observe a living cell, analyze its morphology, behavior and reaction in front of a particular stimulus, all that without damaging the cell. Indeed, the 3D Cell Explorer diffuses a soft light that is not harmful to a cell.

This microscopy technology produces a tomography of living cells with a contrast having the same features of a MRI scanner, but using the laser light rather than magnetic field. Once the cell sample is placed in the microscope, the latter performs a continuous rotatory scanning. STEVE, the microscope-associated software, instantly generates a 3D image of the cell on the computer screen. With this microscopy technology, your object of study does not need special preparation or complex procedures in order to observe a cell. Nanolive’s microscope produces high resolution images, and detailed cellular reconstruction.

This masterpiece microscopy technology opens new and exciting perspectives, in various fields such as cosmetics, medicine, research centers, pharmaceutical industries and universities. Indeed, this innovative equipment can contribute to the search for new drugs, and observe the behavior of cells in front of a particular disease, allowing taking corresponding measures.  Cells have no more secrets, thanks to features that allow cell exploration in different environment conditions.

A powerful device

With this microscopy technology, your research will advance quickly. The 3D Cell Explorer allows you to select part of a cell that you want to observe, and to mark that part with a specific color. This feature ensures a precise and clear result, facilitating the reconstruction of cells and the production of 3D imaging. It is a very powerful device with a competitive price.

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