3D Cell Explorer holography

The 3d Cell Explorer

Nanolive is a company that trades a market-ready innovative microscope. Founded in 2013 and located in Lausanne, Switzerland, Nanolive is animated by a team who wants to promote research & development in medical imaging. Nanolive’s experience and success are mainly due to the quality of science developed in the specialized nanotechnology laboratories, but also by its original communication strategy based on digital tools, and a very professional startup image. Indeed, it offers a true innovation: a microscope for observing living cells in three dimensions. Nanolive introduces the last generation of microscopes: the 3D Cell Explorer.

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3D Cell Explorer : see the unseen

With the 3D Cell Explorer, Nanolive allows researchers to observe what happens inside of a living cell with a very high resolution. It is a tomographic microscope which enables the user to see exactly how cells behave and interact. This high-tech microscope crosses the theoretical limit of resolution. In addition, no sample preparation is needed. Until today, it was not possible to observe living cells in 3D without damaging them. The 3D Cell Explorer has all the characteristics that could make it an essential tool in the research for new drugs. This tomographic technology allows producing a 3D image every two seconds, and enables real-time observation of living cells. The 3D Cell Explorer opens up whole new fields of research where it will be possible to learn, observe and intervene on the biological processes at a cellular level. Because of its transparent nature, the cell was not visible without addition of chemicals.With the 3D Cell Explorer and its software STEVE researchers and biologists can give totally non-invasive numerical colors to the cell exploiting the differences in refractive index among cell’s organelles.  

3D Cell Explorer : advantages of holography

Through a combination of holography and rotational scanning the system detects changes to light as it propagates through the cell, i.e. the 4D distribution of the physical refractive index (RI) within the cell. For a deep immersion in the cell, Nanolive team developed an intuitive software accompanying the 3D Cell Explorer. A demo version of the software is downloadable for free on Nanolive’s website. With the 3D Cell Explorer microscope, it is possible to directly observe the reaction of a cell when subjected to any stimulus. This opens new perspectives, such as the study of the effects of pharmaceutical substances at the scale of an individual cell.

With this product, Nanolive both target the pharma, biotech or medtech industry, but also schools, universities and research centers. In the case of in vitro fertilization, the 3D Cell Explorer provides a better basis for measuring the most precisely as possible the morphological properties of the cells, in order to better select and increase the success rate of in vitro fertilization. With this last generation appliance, Nanolive aims to affect both large and small biotech labs and universities.

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