Tech Session: Nanolive label-free live cell imaging - Portugal

Tech Session: Nanolive label-free live cell imaging


Nanolive is inviting imaging facility managers in Portugal to a dedicated session of Nanolive automated imaging.

In this exclusive tech session, Application Specialist for Portugal, Sanela Vellino and Global Field Applications Manager, Nathalie Garin, will present to you Nanolive’s CX-A – automated microscope. The CX-A allows to increase the field of view, moving from single-cell information to cell populations. This session will be a live demonstration of the multi-well imaging with live cells in Nanolive’s 96 well plate, as well as grid-scan capabilities with special attention to the autocalibration and autofocus options. We will take a deeper look into the principle of Nanolive imaging and discuss suitable applications.

Please register below and we will send you immediately the participation link (the session will be done via Teams).

The registration deadline is Thursday 28th May.

Date and time: Tuesday 2nd. June 2020; at 16:00 CEST, 15:00 WEST

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