An intuitive and comprehensive tool to explore live cell data

STEVE is the 3D Cell Explorer’s software counterpart. After the series of holograms has been captured by the hardware, high-resolution images of each plane in the sample are created by computer processing. Improved image resolution is achieved by employing a synthetic aperture and multiple-viewpoint-holographic methods. 

STEVE’s intuitive interface controls the microscope, explores live cell data using interactive digital staining and even performs quantitative analysis on cell measurements. STEVE to runs smoothly, even during acquisition.

Computational Imaging

The microscope registers one hundred holograms per rotation. The holograms are raw data which are incomprehensible for the user. Nanolive’s processing technique, based on complex deconvolution, treats this data and displays a comprehensible 96 z-stacks cell image in grey scale every two seconds. Furthermore, it corrects for many imaging errors that otherwise would require extremely expensive optical components and ultra-precise alignment.



STEVE allows for the acquisition and processing of cell data in real-time.

  • One 3D cell image on the screen every 2 second
  • Follow cell kinetics and cell dynamic live
  • Instant verification of the microscope’s alignment (self-calibration performed when necessary)



Digital Stain

Explore your data in 3D using our interactive digital stains and even perform quantitative analysis on your measurements. 

  • Quantitative staining based on physical markers (refractive index & refractive index gradient)
  • Manage your digital stains (create, edit, enable/disable, delete, save)
  • Compare your results with other technologies, identify the exact refractive index range of your ROI
  • Export digital stains for analysis and comparison with other software programs

Intuitive GUI

STEVE’s intuitive graphical user interface has been specifically conceived for fast learning. All options and commands necessary for acquiring and staining images are displayed on the main screen.

Simple and Advance Microscope Control

  • Single Shot acquisition
  • Configurable time-lapse acquisition
  • Object selection using auxiliary bright field mode
  • Fully automated microscope calibration


Comprehensive Visualization Options

  • 2 visualization modes: Control mode and Viewer mode
  • 2D slice per slice viewer (refractive index and stained data combined)
  • 3D experience/scientific viewers

Multiple Data Export Options

  • Classical Formats: raw, tiff, obj, png/jpeg
  • Compressed proprietary formats: vol/volx
  • Screenshot capture for 2D and 3D viewers
  • Video capture of the 3D viewer (.avi)

Data Annotation System

  • Keep track of your data
  • Classify your data based on different info tags
  • Create customized info tags