Oncology & Immuno-oncology

"We’re getting high quality images of many different cell types and samples – from live human and mouse cell lines in a culture dish to fixed cells mounted on a slide.", Sheila Smiley, The Ottawa Hospital


OT-1 cells interacting with B16-OVA melanoma cells



Monitor cell polarisation and the immunological synapse in 3D

Measure kinetics & dynamics of the whole process label free & in 3D

  • Observe cell membrane remodeling during immune-synapsis
  • Monitor mitochondria accumulation
  • Analyze cell polarization
  • Visualize T-cell induce cell death in 4D


Me260LN melanoma cell line



Observe the effect of anti-cancer drugs on your cells

Label-free, Real-Time, Monitoring of cell morphological changes during drug exposure

  • Follow drug internalization process
  • Quantitative measurement of intra-cellular drug loading (direct volume measurement)
  • Real-time drug cellular toxicity evaluation and consequent morphological modifications

Whole blood spiked with A549 lung cancer cells



Stain-free and fixation-free analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells

Rapid and efficient morphologycal characterization of circulating tumor cells in blood samples

  • Identify the different cell actors based on their internal morphology and density
  • No need for staining or fixations
  • 1.7 second per 3D image of your sample