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Looking inside Nanolive

Pneumonia bacteria phagocyted by neutrophils

In this unique label-free footage obtained from a demo at the Infection and Immunity lab of the UMC in Utrecht, a culture of neutrophils can be seen phagocyting pneumonia bacteria. An image was obtained every 1.9s for 4 minutes and 45 seconds. We can clearly...

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Nanolive’s Grand Opening Day

One week ago with had the great pleasure to officially open the new headquarters of Nanolive and it was a huge success. More than 100 guests came to celebrate this big day and enjoyed tours in the office and demonstrations of the Nanolive imaging microscopes. Please...

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Mitochondrial trafficking in neurons

Mitochondria play an essential role in neurone function. They provide the energy and metabolites needed to: (i) form and maintain the synapses (neural junctions) that exist between cells, (ii) remove or repair old/damaged components, and (iii) deliver new materials,...

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Cilia visualization in Xenopus cells

Multi-ciliated cells (MCCs) are terminally differentiated epithelia that are present in all metazoans and many unicellular eukaryotes1,2. In marine organisms they play a key role in locomotion and feeding3, while in mammals they clear mucus from the lungs, circulate...

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New Publication from the University of Sydney, Australia

We are happy to introduce a new publication featuring Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer produced by users at the University of Sydney, Australia. Understanding the mechanisms that underlie cell-cell interactions holds the key to understanding how material is transferred and...

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3D Exploration of Living Cells at Coventry University

The Lab+ at the University of Conventry uses the 3D Cell Explorer for teaching undergrad cell biology students. The lab allows students to connect together different concepts and different parts of practicals in order to hopefully give them a real passion for science...

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