Neutrophils are mediators of metastatic prostate cancer progression in bone

Nanolive is proud to share a new publication in Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy (2020) from users of the 3D Cell Explorer at the Department of Pathology and Microbiology of the University of Nebraska Medical Center in the United States [1].

Costanzo-Garvey and colleagues studied the impact of direct neutrophil-prostate cancer interactions on prostate cancer growth. They unveiled a role of bone-resident neutrophils in inhibition of cancer growth. They also concluded that bone metastatic prostate cancer can progress via evasion of neutrophil-mediated killing. They suggest that an enhancement of neutrophil phototoxicity in bone could be a target on new bone metastatic prostate cancer therapies.

Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer was used in combination with Incucyte S3 live-cell Analysis for live cell imaging visualization of the apoptotic inducing role of neutrophils in prostate cancer (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Snapshot image of mouse neutrophils and C42B cells showing neutrophils surrounding a C42B cell with membrane blebbing (sign of apoptosis). Image obtained from [1].

[1] Costanzo-Garvey, D.L., Keeley, T., Case, A.J. et al. Neutrophils are mediators of metastatic prostate cancer progression in bone. Cancer Immunol Immunother (2020).

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