Welcome to our Nanolab: Book your testing spot NOW!

In two weeks Martina will officially open to the public her brand new lab space! Whoever would like to test his/her own cell samples, FIXED or ALIVE is very welcome to contact her.

If you are interested in this opportunity write her now: the whole month of July is already completely booked, remember: first-come-first-served!

Last Wednesday Nanolive hosted a great party to celebrate the inauguration of its new, amazing office space. It was great fun!

With this blog post we want to take the occasion to thank all the people who supported us until now. Many of them were there on Wednesday celebrating this big achievement with us, and the launch of the Cell-ɸ campaign is just the perfect way to acknowledge each one of them, one by one 🙂

If you couldn’t make it this time but you want to be on our walls, come to visit us and take your Cell-ɸ!

Keep tuned, new events are coming soon! 





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