Seminar invitation at ASCB|EMBO 2019 in Washington D.C.: Automated Label-free 3D Live Cell Imaging in Drug Discovery

Nanolive will be holding a seminar on Monday, December 9th @ 2 pm in Theater 2 (abstract below) where we will present our latest live cell microscope – the CX-A – the world’s first walk-away solution for label-free, long-term live cell imaging.

We would like to invite you to visit the Nanolive/Nexus ASCB|EMBO booth #824 and get an exclusive Nanolive cell calendar 2020!


2:00pm – 3:00pm
Theater 2, Exhibit Hall
Nanolive SA
Label-free 3D Live Cell Imaging in Drug Discovery: Introducing the CX-A, saying good bye to phototoxicity and end point assays
Presenter: Paul Carman, Business Director (Americas)

Nanolive is extending our label-free live cell solutions from the world of single cells to cell populations. Scientists can investigate macro cellular dynamics like cell health, proliferation, movement, and function as well as micro organelle dynamics and interactions such as mitochondrial network characterization. The CX-A is the first automated long-term live cell solution that combines the resolution and gentility of holotomography with the capabilities to scan hundreds of fields of view across a 96 well plate format. This powerful combination offers the statistically relevant data collection capabilities of high content formats with the fine resolution structural information that Nanolive holotomography imaging has pioneered. The low phototoxicity and lack of perturbation of your samples means that you can study your samples for longer than ever before. The expanded fields of view and multiple positions will make it an ideal solution for catching rare events, and significantly speed up the efficiently to studying your mechanism of action. Kinetic, cellular imaging of your cell populations have never been as easy or as efficient as it is today.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

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