Live cells in action

Say goodbye to phototoxicity and photobleaching! Observe your cells and their dynamics and interactions for weeks without interfering with their natural physiology. One of the biggest challenges in cell biology is long-term imaging of fine cellular dynamics. In particular, the 3D Cell Explorer generates no phototoxicity as it injects in the sample ~100 times less energy (~0.2 nW/µm2) than light sheet microscopes (~1nW/µm2) that are the reference in the matter. With a resolution of 195nm (higher than standard confocal) it enables high resolution and high-frequency imaging even with sensitive material, such as stem cells.

Unique dynamics of cellular organelles or highly dynamic and small cellular structures can now be clearly analyzed.

With Nanolive’s live cell imaging tool, it is possible to perform endless live imaging at the maximal acquisition speed (1 image per 1.7 seconds). 

This certainly exceeds any live cell imaging capabilities of any other microscope and will revolutionize live cell imaging of stem cells.