Looking inside life with the 3D Cell Explorer

Unveil the deepest secrets of your cells with the 3D Cell Explorer!

CELL CYCLE ANALYSIS blablablablablablabla

Monitor every second of your cell’s life: from division to death


Analyze your cell behaviour in in vivo-like systems. Observe how they organize into 3D matrix or on 3D surfaces


Unveil the secrets of the smallest living organism like Bacteria, Yeast, Protozoa & Diatoms and study their morphology and dynamics

ONCOLOGY & IMMUNO-ONCOLOGY blablakjhcscjdshihvvihvoiiv

Study cancer cells and immuno-oncology as never before: alive, label-free and 3D


Explore all types of interaction among cells (cell-cell and host-pathogen) and measure their reactions


Save time & money to analyze your samples. Smear tests, liquid biopsies & histology were never so easy



Observe and measure in real-time the effect of drugs and stimuli you apply to your cells


Say goodbye to phototoxicity! Observe your stem cells for weeks without interfering with their natural physiology


Monitor nanoparticles internalization and localization inside cells, in 3D



Worldwide Users

User Testimonials

Oliver Nayler, PhD

Head, Cardiovascular & Fibrosis Biology, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Allschwil, Switzerland

“Actelion researchers were among the first to explore the potential of the Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer in cell biological applications within the pharmaceutical industry. We were very happy that the system is so easy to set-up (plug-and-play) and we are still amazed by the beautiful images it generates.

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 We mainly use the Cell Explorer to perform real time image acquisition and we follow compound activity in different cellular backgrounds. In a very short period of time, the 3D Cell Explorer has become very intensively used and we have found applications in several different disease areas – we would not want to be without this instrument.”

Alain Geloen, PhD

CNRS Research Director, member of CarMeN Laboratory, Lyon, France

” […] It is like a window opened on a new world.”  […] “What you did is fantastic. Your microscope is a great achievement. […] You bring a new way to see and to analyze cells. […] You give us the opportunity to read nature with an other physical quantity: the density.

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When I work with your microscope I keep correcting myself, this is not optic [what I see] it is density. In matter of regulations, density is more important than optic. That is why I say we must restudy all the cell biology, not looking at the optic but through the density. I am fully convinced that this is the beginning of a new era in biology. […]

Clemens Grassberger, PhD

Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School & Radiation Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA

“The 3D Cell Explorer enables us to study chromatin condensation and nanoparticle uptake in live cancer cells, which wouldn’t be possible with other methods. 

We are extending this work now to different cancer cell lines to explain variations seen in response to therapy.”