New Application Note: Investigating multiple drug-induced perturbations with Nanolive’s Automated live cell imaging

We are happy to present you our newest application note.

In this application note we will discuss the new research possibilities offered by Nanolive’s newest microscope, the CX-A, for the study of drug-induced perturbations. In detail, you can:

  • Learn how Nanolive’s CX-A allows for the acquisition of very powerful 3D images and 4D time-lapses of living cells in a multi-well plate format.
  • Learn how to perform multiple label-free drug perturbation assays, live and over long periods of time.

Following video demonstrates a time-lapse of a comparative study of multiple drug perturbations performed in a multi-well setup featuring pre-adipocytes perturbed by various drugs. We applied the following treatments on pre-adipocyte cells: Tamoxifen, Raptinal and Shikonin at various concentrations, with or without mitoTracker and observed the effects of such drugs over
26 hours compared to the relevant control conditions.

Please download the full application note from here:

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