Supporting Material

How to videos

Learn how to set-up and install your 3D Cell Explorer

Learn how to prepare your samples for the 3D Cell Explorer

Learn tips and tricks for your 1st acquisition with the 3D Cell Explore

Learn how to use STEVE, the 3D Cell Explorer’s intuitive software



Catalogue – 3D Cell Explorer


Sample Preparation Manual


User’s Manual for the 3D Cell Explorer-fluo


User’s Manual for the 3D Cell Explorer


Rules of thumb for sample preparation & imaging


Best Staining Practices 


ibidi Labware compatibility report



PC Specifications 3D Cell Explorer & 3D Cell Explorer Discovery



PC Specifications 3D Cell Explorer-fluo


Applications Notes

Visualizing three-dimensional data produced by the 3D Cell Explorer

Visualizing tomographic data in an efficient way is essential for designing further 3D image analysis

  • Export properly your data produced with the 3D Cell Explorer
  • Learn how to prepare your data
  • Learn how to visualize it in optimal ways

3D object detection and segmentation inside an RI map

Using a simple example, a 3D segmentation of HeLa cells nuclei, you will:

  • Learn how to properly segment the nuclei of mammalian cells present in a 3D refractive index map using FIJI
  • Acquire computational tools and knowledge to analyze your images