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The 3D Cell Explorer (CX)

  • Objective: Air 60x Nikon with  Low power laser (l = 520nm, sample exposure 2mW/mm2 )
  • Resolution: Δxy = 200nm; Δz = 500nm
  • Field-of-view~ 80µm
  • Depth-of-field~ 30µm
  • Tomography frame rate: 0.6fps (3D image rate) Full auto-calibration


Be the First to explore living cells with the Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer!

Cells are the basis of all life on earth. For the first time, everybody can now explore them live and in 3D, understanding better how they work and react. Thanks to our new technology, we believe that many new discoveries on living cells will be done and will extend our understanding of life, diseases and effects of drugs.  This is the reason why we have developed the Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer.

We are overwhelmed by the support we have received so far and extremely thankful to every one of you. You keep us going and your help is much needed!

Having solved a lot of challenges in order to bring this cell discovery platform to you on a secure, global, and affordable scale, we of course need to organize our production. We will not compromise in any way on the quality and we will not let our customers down. Therefore your pre-order is truly essential to us: every pre-order will make a difference and accelerate the launch of our technology.

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Building the CX

After a ton of hard work and with a first well functioning test unit up and running at the prestigious LLBC lab at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, we are getting closer and closer to our launch. We are at a very important stage of the Cell-Explorer´s life and our focus now is to finalize the tooling and get our production up and running. Therefore your support and pre-order is so essential for us. Every sales will make a big difference and bring us closer to our goal: to deliver you the 3D Cell Explorer! Today, our estimated delivery is summer 2015 but with your help we are hoping to make this sooner. By pre-ordering a 3D Cell-Explorer you are a true friend and supporter of Nanolive and for this, we would like to thank you by offering you a very generous discount. Please see the options we offer here below:




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