LSD clogs cells

Lysosomal compartments are a membrane-bound cell organelle found in almost all eukaryotic cells. Lysosomes are spherical vesicles containing hydrolytic enzymes capable of breaking down virtually all kinds of biomolecules. They are a very dynamic organelles which undergo a continuous cycling of fusion and fission events.

The equilibrium between these two opposing processes defines the final morphology and extension of the compartment. In pathological conditions (i.e. Lysosomal Storage Disease, LSD), defects in the fusion/fission machineries as well as in the functionality of its enzymes cause drastic changes in the morphology of the compartment bringing to lysosomal vacuolation.


Samples were kindly provided by Dr. Stefano Vavassori and Dr. Massimo D’Agostino, two brilliant biologists from the University of Lausanne.

Thanks Stefano and Massimo!