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The Nanolive’s mission is to give access to cell learning to everyone through a high tech state-of-the-art product. There is no 2nd class school or research institution. Therefore anyone should be able to build the best possible knowledge. 


Nanolive created a Cell Explorer (CX) sharing program to eliminate the existing discrimination and inequalities for cell access based on budget or country GDP. This is why we want to make our already affordable CX available for an even broader community.


Nanolive donates a limited number of CXs to be shared around the globe among students at all level of education and researchers working on sustainable projects. The instruments can be rented for a limited period of time from everywhere in the world.


Our educational program engages students & teachers in interactive cell learning through cutting edge technology. We empower educators to develop clear hands on experiments to help students to gain a much deeper understanding in cell biology.


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Who’s eligible?

  • All schools for primary, middle and high school students
  • Higher education institutes for basic cell biology teaching and practical laboratories in (colleges, universities, etc)
  • Educational institutions for innovative learning


Scientific progress in developing countries needs to be accompanied with access to top-notch technology. Our objective is to help pioneer advanced technologies in developing countries at massive scale. An initiative that is designed to promote technological progress in sustainable R&D projects.

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Who’s eligible?

  • Sustainable projects (humanitarian projects, health, food, agricultures, etc.) in developing countries
  • R&D diagnostics facilities (hospitals, health centers, etc) in developing countries
  • Collaborative projects and non-profit organizations in cooperation with developing country based institutions


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