Product Folders

The Nanolive product folders for each product type consist of 4 pages giving a good overview of the product and its applications. 

Note: We recommend that you print the folders professionally on semi-matt 200-250 g thick paper. The images will then look impressive.


Product Folder 3D Cell Explorer


Product Folder 3D Cell Explorer-fluo


Product Folder 3D Cell Explorer Discovery


Product Folder 3D Cell Explorer & 3D Cell Explorer-fluo



General Brochure 3D Cell Explorer



Roll-Up 3D Cell Explorer


Roll-Up 3D Cell Explorer-fluo

Roll-Up 3D Cell Explorer Discovery

Nanolive Logo

Colour Code and Font

Nanolive Green

Nanolive Font

HEX code: #8DB73B or R:141 G:183 B:59

Ubuntu font. Download here.

Images for Marketing

3D Cell Explorer

3D Cell Explorer & Steve

 CX-5-STEVE_Only_darker background 3DCX-cell-01 3DCX-cell-02 3DCX-transparent CX-P5_Front view_white background CX-P5_Front view-with software interface_white background CX-P5-front-big_white background CX-P5-front-med_white background CX-P5-front-small_white background 

Cell Images

Nanolive Cell Images

Mitosis_black_2Dvs3DMitosis_2Dvs3DMitosis_blackMitosis_1NeuronMitosisNL_Cell_Back_home01_Living_Lymph_Node_Fibroblast  02_Cancer_Cell  04_Living_Growing_Yeast_Cells_2 05_Living_T-cell_Interaction  06_Fixed_Lymphatic_Endothelial_Cell  07_Living_Lymph_Node_Fibroblast  08_Living_Lymph_Node_Fibroblast  09_Living_Lymph_Node_Fibroblast  10_Fixed_Human_Sperm