Nanolive-ibidi incubation kit. From left: top-stage incubator on the 3D Cell Explorer stage, temperature and gas control units and gas incubation system. 

The Nanolive-ibidi incubator is an especially adapted solution:

  • “plug & play” by perfect fit on the microscope stage
  • High stability by magnetic adhesion to the 3D Cell Explorer stage
  • Best imaging quality through self-calibration and optical quality 
  • Works on any cell confluency (up to multi-layers)
  • Compatible with traditional live cell consumables (e.g. fluordish & slides)
  • Exceptional customer support provided by ibidi

To see an example of long-term experiment obtained by the Nanolive-ibidi incubation system, check our first mitosis.


The Nanolive-ibidi top-stage incubator

This novel combination allows for non-invasive 4D live cell tomography (every two seconds) for several days in physiological environmental conditions.

The Nanolive-ibidi top-stage incubator brings all the required incubation controls directly on the stage of your 3D Cell Explorer.

Temperature, humidity and CO2 and O2 gas concentrations can be meticulously regulated during your time-lapse cell experiments to give you the most accurate live cell results! (Technical specifications)

The system costs around 10’000 € depending on the configuration.

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Top-stage incubator on the 3D Cell Explorer stage.

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