The 3D Cell Explorer-fluo

The world’s first holo-tomographic fluorescent microscope

The 3D Cell Explorer-fluo

The 3D Cell Explorer-fluo answers to your scientific needs to combine the benefits from non-invasive cell tomography with a well-established and recognized method: multi-channel epifluorescence.

A powerful platform allowing researchers to combine non-invasive 3D tomography with fluorescent markers to extend their field of research and understand complex intracellular dynamics and structures while reducing the disadvantages of fluorescence microscopy.

The 3D Cell Explorer-fluo comes with 3 fluorescence channels and is compatible with a top stage incubator.

The full version of the software STEVE, an intuitive and comprehensive tool to explore your cell data, is included. 


  • Are you interested to combine and validate non-invasive 3D tomography with fluorescence?
  • Are you tired of the limitation of fluorescence technologies and you need to go further?
  • You want to follow up to 10 markers in parallel?


With the 3D Cell Explorer-fluo you can combine the best of two worlds!

The 3D Cell Explorer-fluo is equipped with 2 imaging modalities

Holographic tomography     +

Multi-channel fluorescence   =

3D tomography  

Refractive Index (RI) measurement

Physical structural imaging

  • Refractive Index (RI) measurement of the whole cell in 3D
  • 4D continuous non-invasive cell observation (for days at every second)
  • Digital Stains: Post-experiment segmentation of cell organelles through RI markers

DAPI: nuclear stain

Chemical fluorescence imaging

  • Specificity and sensivity of antibody-conjugated probes and genetically engineered fluorescent protein constructs
  • Functional measurement of cell organelles, proteins or drugs
  • Well established scientific method

3D tomography of nuclei (& nucleoli)

3D Cell Explorer-fluo

  • Transform 2D fluorescence microscopy into 3D cell tomography
  • Reduce imaging artefacts
  • Explore 10 markers in parallel
  • Well established scientific method

Transform 2D fluorescence microscopy into 3D cell tomography!

Localize organelles at different cell depths  (e.g. mitochondria)


Localize organelles at different cell depths (e.g. mitochondria) & calibrate Digital Stain from fluorescence signal: extend 2D into 3D.


Reduce imaging artefacts, get more and reliable cell measurements. Identify out-of-focus signals, recover lost information & achieve homogeneous staining efficiency.


Co-localize fluorescence (3 channels) & Digital Stains (7 channels at single acquisition). Define Digital stain libraries calibrated on fluorescence markers



Correlate changes at protein level with morphological and behavioural changes in your cells (e.g. FUCCI cells). Monitor drug internalization or localization by following your cells at every second.

 The 3D Cell Explorer-ƒluo Highlights

Combine high quality RI tomographic data and fluorescence markers

A powerful platform that combines RI information with fluorescence markers to extend the understanding of cell structures and cell mechanisms thanks to the 3D tomographic technology.

Go beyond fluorescence limitation

You are frustrated by the limitations of fluorescence markers? You would like to go further? Combine them with Nanolive’s digital staining and push the limits forward.

Achieve specific cell analysis while preserving cell life

Forget about fixation! With the 3D Cell Explorer-fluo you can now observe your cells as they are: alive, 3D and in motion!

Perform infinite live cell imaging

The 3D Cell Explorer-fluo allows you to transform your chemical markers into physical ones which can be monitored for a limitless amount of time. With the 3D Cell Explorer-fluo you can strongly limit the cell damages caused by fluorescence markers, bleaching and phototoxicity and observe your cells in their natural environment.

 Technical Features 3D Cell Explorer-ƒluo

  Holographic tomography Fluorescence imaging
Illumination source Class 1 laser low power (λ=520 nm, sample exposure 0.2 mW/mm2) High speed switchable <100 μs
Lifetime >20’000 hours each channel
Resolution ∧x,y: 200 nm; ∧z: 400 nm ∧x,y: ~ 400 nm
Field-of-view 90x90x30 μm 100x100 μm
Channels Up to 7 sumultaneously 

3: DAPI (blue), GFP (green), TRITC (red)

Imaging 3D / 4D (time-lapse) 2D
Time resolution 0.6 fps 3D RI frame 5 fps each channel
Camera CMOS sensor – 73 dB of dynamic range / Quantum efficiency of 70 % Readout noise: 6.6 e
Dimensions 38 x 45 x 17 cm 21x23x10 cm
Weight 8 kg 4 kg

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