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Nanolive gets fluo!

Discover the 1st holo-tomographic fluorescence microscope in the world!

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The 3D Cell Explorer

A revolutionary Tomographic
Microscope to look instantly
inside living cells in 3D

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STEVE is the Cell Explorer’s software counterpart.

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 “You really need to be able to look at living cells
because life is animate — it’s what defines life”
– Eric Betzig, Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry, 2014

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travel inside cells and tissues as never before!

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Nanolive in videos

The story behind our great product

Nanolive’s technology from discovery to market entry

Discovery Channel

Nanolive’s technology featured on Discovery Channel U.S.A. – June 26th 2015


 “You don’t have to kill them to see how they live.” 

Federico Faggini, inventor of the microprocessor

Clemens Grassberger

Harvard Medical School & Radiation Oncology
Massachusetts General Hospital (USA)

“We conduct clinical, biology and physics research into the causes and mechanisms of cancer, with an emphasis on translating that work into clinical application. My expertise is focused around radiation therapy in the treatment of lung cancer and I’m investigating the interface between biology and physics to develop novel therapies. I want to apply Nanolive’s innovative methods to explore the interaction of targeted therapeutic agents with radiation.”

Siham Ceballos

Medical Director
Biogen Idec International (Switzerland)

“I expect Nanolive technology to provide the scientific and the medical community with new insights on cell behaviour and help improve on drug development and cell based therapies. I trust Nanolive will bring important advances to cell therapy, cell based Diagnosis and Prognosis in many therapeutic areas. It will contribute to improve on disease and treatment monitoring and open the doors to a wave of innovation in basic and translational cell research.”



Application: A tool for discovery


The 3D Cell Explorer is a tool of discovery and we are just at the beginning of exploring all the potential fields of application. There are no boundaries. 

Thanks to this new technology, we believe that many discoveries on living cells will be done and will extend our understanding of life, diseases and effect of drugs.



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